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ECHO 58v Lithium-Ion

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all ECHO 58v tools work with all ECHO 58v batteries and chargers?

Yes, all ECHO 58v tools are compatible with all ECHO 58v batteries and chargers.

Are the batteries included in the 5 year consumer and 2 year commercial warranty?

Yes, the tool, battery and charger are all covered under the consumer and commercial warranty.

Where can I buy ECHO 58v products?

All ECHO 58v products are sold exclusively through Home Depot and Product offering may vary based on location.

Can I purchase an ECHO 58v tool without purchasing a full kit (with battery and charger)?

Yes, ECHO 58v tools are sold without batteries and chargers on

Are ECHO 58v tools available outside of the United States?

Yes, ECHO 58v tools are also sold in Canada. For more information, click here.

Is the Echo 58V String trimmer compatible with any of the Echo PAS attachments?

It is compatible with the ECHO Speed-Feed® string trimmer, Pro-Torque™ string trimmer, Tiller/Cultivator, Brushcutter, Straight Shaft Edger, and all three Hedge Trimmer attachments. It has only been UL listed for the Speed-Feed string trimmer.

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